Chrysler Capital Financing 101

Have you been fretting about the auto financing process? There’s no need! Auto financing is made as smooth and streamlined as possible with auto financing through Chrysler Capital at Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM.

Chrysler Capital Financing in Las Vegas

How Do I Get Approved?

Our three-step auto loan application process is quick and simple. It can either be completed online or at our dealership.

  • Step 1
    • Personal information
      • Name
      • Phone number
      • Email address
    • Step 2
      • Personal information
        • Social security number
        • Date of birth
      • Residential information
        • Address
        • Rent or own?
        • Length at residence
        • Monthly rent or mortgage cost
      • Co-applicant info
    • Step 3
      • Employment information
        • Employer name and phone number
        • Occupation
        • Length at job
        • Monthly income
      • Vehicle information
        • Year/make/model of preferred vehicle
        • Year/make/model/mileage of trade-in vehicle

What Will My Monthly Payment Be?

After we collect your information, we’ll submit it to the lenders we work with to find you a competitive auto loan. Our lenders look at your buying criteria, as well as your credit report, to determine your eligibility and the terms of your loan. Once we have an idea of the interest rate you’ll secure and your desired loan length, we can determine your monthly payment. You can also get an estimate of what it will be with an auto payment calculator by providing guesstimates of your terms.

What’s My Vehicle Worth?

If you are interested in selling your vehicle to our dealership, you can apply your trade-in value to your auto loan, which gives you less to finance and will help you save on interest costs. You can visit our dealership for a vehicle inspection and trade-in offer. You can also get an estimate online anytime. Simply search for your vehicle by its year, make, and model, its VIN (vehicle identification number), or your license plate number to see an instant cash offer for your vehicle.

Ready to get approved for an auto loan? Start the process anytime online or come in and complete your application. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. The experts at our auto finance center in Las Vegas, NV are happy to help every step of the way!