Frequently Asked Questions We Hear at Our Dealership

There are lots of decisions to make when it comes time to purchase a new vehicle. To help you shop with confidence, we’re tackling some of the most common questions we get at our Chrysler dealership. If this resource doesn’t answer your car-shopping questions, head over to Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM for an in-person Q and A.

Some things you should know about Prestige CDJR

Should I Buy or Lease?

There are perks to both buying and leasing one of our new cars for sale in Las Vegas. It’s important to consider your plans for the vehicle. Here are some of the benefits of both options:

  • Buying is best if you want to build up equity in your vehicle and plan to own it long-term. You may even find yourself living without a car payment. Plus, you won’t have the restrictions you see with leasing.
  • Leasing is ideal when you enjoy consistently upgrading your vehicle and want to drive around the newest models. Plus, you’ll often have less maintenance and repair costs, since a lease typically includes warranty coverage.

How Do I Get Approved for Financing?

You can apply at our dealership for auto financing, or do so through our convenient online form. You’ll just need to answer a few questions regarding your income and current expenses to help us determine what you can afford. Then, we’ll submit that info, along with your credit information, to the lenders we work with to find a competitive offer.

What’s My Vehicle Worth?

We are happy to provide an estimate anytime, or you can quickly get an estimate through our website. We consider your vehicle’s make, model, year, and trim level. Then, we’ll look at its existing mileage, as well as its condition.

Your current vehicle’s trade-in value is important to consider when buying a new vehicle. You can apply it towards your new purchase to significantly reduce the amount you need to finance.

How Often Do I Need Auto Service?

Every vehicle has different guidelines when it comes to the auto service schedule it should follow. It’s important to review your owner’s manual to see how to properly care for your vehicle. Our trained and certified technicians at our auto service center can also help ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs.

Still have questions? Reach out to our team today – we’re happy to help!