The Importance of Chrysler Alignment for Your Wheels

In order for your Chrysler car to continue to offer exceptional performance, regular maintenance is essential. And a key part of your vehicle that you don’t want to forget about is wheel alignment. This guide goes over the importance of regular Chrysler alignment service and what the process entails at Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM.

The Importance of Wheel Alignment for Your Chrysler

What Is Chrysler Wheel Alignment?

If your car drives completely straight without even requiring your hands on the wheel, this is how you know your alignment is perfect. But, over time, thanks to things like rocky roads, the alignment can get out of whack. When this happens, not only does this affect turning and cornering, but it can also cause your tires to wear down prematurely, which is why periodic alignment service is necessary.

The Alignment Process

When you bring your car in to our Chrysler service center for your wheel alignment, our technicians will take measurements of different angles to figure out how it needs to be adjusted. It will then be modified back the manufacturer’s specifications.

Three Warning Signs of Trouble with Your Alignment

If something is wrong with your car’s alignment, it probably won’t be difficult figuring this out. Here are three common red flags:


As mentioned, your car should be able to drive completely straight (when a road is straight) without you needing to touch the steering wheel. If, however, the vehicle veers to one side or another, the alignment isn’t right.


Another indication that the alignment could be off is if the car shakes when driving. This may indicate that two tires are trying to pull the car in different directions.

Tire Tread Wear

While tires wear down even if everything in your vehicle is perfect, they often wear down a lot faster with a misaligned car. If you notice excessive wear on one or two of the tires or perhaps in certain spots, there’s a good chance that this is related to the alignment.

Get Your Alignment Checked in Las Vegas, NV

If you think your car’s alignment is off, get in touch with the service center at our Chrysler dealership in Las Vegas, NV. And if anything needs to be replaced, you can be sure that from us you will only get genuine Chrysler parts. We can’t wait to help you!