Transmission Options 

Here at Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, we’ve sold and serviced countless vehicles over the years, and what astonishes us is their diversity. While our vehicles have a lot in common, their owners make them stand out with custom Jeep parts, accessories, bumper stickers, and more.

However, there’s another option that can say a lot about a vehicle and its owner: their choice of transmission.

Manual Transmissions  

Using a manual transmission may be something of a lost art, but they can still be found in many new Jeep SUVs. Manual transmissions often appeal to driving enthusiasts because the overall driving dynamic is a bit more engaging.

Automatic Transmissions  

Automatic transmissions have several advantages beyond not having to learn how to drive a stick. There are often more gear ratios available, which is especially important for climbing/descending hills or rock crawling, as well as newer designs that are more fuel-efficient than manual gearboxes.

Continuously Variable Transmissions   

Aside from brief appearances in older Jeep models, you aren’t likely to find a continuously variable transmission (CVT) in a Jeep vehicle at Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM. These transmissions are designed for efficiency, rather than the off-road capabilities for which Jeep SUVs are known.

Honorable Mention: Transfer Cases  

Four-wheel-drive vehicles make use of a transfer case, which is another gearbox that is responsible for routing a vehicle’s torque and horsepower to all four wheels. These have become more complex over the years to accommodate additional drive modes that help your vehicle tackle more types of terrain.

Schedule Transmission Service Today 

You probably already know that your engine needs maintenance to run properly, but it helps to make sure your transmission gets TLC from a  Jeep service center as well. Like other service essentials, it’s important to pay attention to the transmission service intervals listed in your owner’s manual.

Visit our Las Vegas Jeep dealership if your transmission fault indicator light appears or if you notice your transmission hesitating, slipping, or missing gear shifts. We’ll make sure your car is taken care of in no time. Schedule an appointment and receive expert service today!