Dodge Service Tips: How to Jump-Start Your Battery

July 17th, 2023 by

A dead car battery can be a huge nuisance, or downright scary, if you don’t know how to respond. We’re outlining the steps to jump-starting your vehicle, which includes scheduling a Dodge service appointment at Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM.

Ask for Assistance

In order to jump-start your car, you’ll need another vehicle to help. Park the vehicles as closely as you can, while still leaving yourself plenty of space to get between them both.

Get Prepared

Once you’re ready to proceed, make sure you have your jumper cables handy and that they’re untangled. Turn both cars off and raise the hood of each vehicle, securing them both with the hood struts.

Secure the Jumper Cables

Next, you’ll need to carefully secure your jumper cables to each vehicle in the proper order:

  1. Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal of the dead battery
  2. Connect the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the working battery
  3. Connect the black clamp to the negative terminal of the good battery
  4. Connect the other black clamp to a metal surface under your vehicle’s hood

Start the Working Car

Once everything is secured properly, start the working car. It should run for a few minutes and then you can start your car. Make sure to leave it running for a few minutes and then remove the jumper cables in the opposite order you added them.

Make sure you still leave your vehicle running or, if possible, take it for a drive to give it time to charge.

Test Your Battery Today at Our Dodge Service Center

If your battery hasn’t been reliable, or simply hasn’t been tested lately, our technicians can help. We can also help if you need a batter replacement. Visit us at Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to get started today!

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