How Reliable Is a Pre-Owned 2022 RAM 1500?

July 21st, 2023 by

There’s no denying that truck owners tend to push their vehicles to the limit. So, you may be wondering, how reliable is a used 2022 RAM 1500? We’re taking a closer look at its reliability at Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM and how you can be confident you’re getting a truck you can trust.

Review Its Reliability Ratings

While it may not seem like it, a vehicle being used can be a benefit when you’re looking at its reliability. After all, you can already see how it’s performing as well as any issues it may have. Many experts, including Consumer Reports, have given the 2022 RAM 1500 an above-average reliability rating.

Look Over its Vehicle History Report

Even if a vehicle is deemed to be reliable, it’s still important that you look at each vehicle individually. After all, even the best vehicles can’t stack up against a less-than-ideal previous owner. That’s where a vehicle history report comes in.

A vehicle history report provides a quick snapshot of a vehicle’s:

  • Ownership history
  • Type of use (personal, rental, commercial, etc.)
  • Service history
  • Open recalls
  • Accident history and damage severity
  • Records of damage repair

Take a Test Drive

When it comes down to it, a test drive is one of the most important aspects of car-shopping, particularly for a used vehicle. You want to see how the vehicle drives, if it handles roughly, and if it accelerates like it should. You also want to watch for odd sounds or smells that could indicate an issue.

Buying a 2022 RAM 1500 Today

The 2022 RAM 1500 is certainly reliable, if you buy one that was cared for properly. Our team is happy to help you find one you can trust. Visit our RAM dealership in Las Vegas, NV to get started today!

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