Jeep® Service Essentials: All About Lights

May 6th, 2024 by

Jeep Gladiator Front Quarter View

The lights on your Jeep® SUV keep you safe, increase visibility, and show people you are turning or braking. Therefore, they must remain functional and free from damage. As Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM knows, taking care of those lights is a vital part of Jeep service.

Car Lights and Their Functions

Your car has multiple lights inside and out, each with a different purpose. Each keeps you safe in its own way.

  • Headlights help you see in the dark
  • Daytime running lights keep you visible to other drivers, especially if it’s overcast, rainy, or snowy
  • Turn signals and brake lights alert surrounding vehicles to your stops and turns
  • Interior lighting helps you find objects in the dark
  • Warning lights alert you when something’s wrong with your vehicle

Signs Your Vehicle’s Lights Need Service

We encourage you to check your lights periodically to ensure they’re working as they should and visit for service if they don’t. You should also visit us if any of these lights are dimmer than usual since this can signal a problem elsewhere in the car’s electrical system (like the battery or alternator). Loose wires, burnt-out bulbs, and worn or damaged connections pose problems, potentially compromising safety.

Why You Should Service Your Jeep SUV’s Lights

Almost all cars can have issues with lighting, as these parts are exposed to all types of conditions and road hazards. Therefore, you should perform preventive maintenance by checking and cleaning the units when needed. When you visit for routine maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations, ask the technicians at your Las Vegas Jeep dealership to inspect and service them for you.

Schedule Jeep Service in Las Vegas, NV, Today

Don’t wait until your Jeep Grand Cherokee or other Jeep vehicle’s lights start malfunctioning. Act now to ensure your safety on the road. Contact Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM today to schedule Jeep service in Las Vegas, NV. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you.

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