MOPAR® Service 101: Is My Car Safe to Drive in Limp Mode?

January 17th, 2024 by

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If your car’s check engine light is on and it’s also experiencing throttled performance, it may have gone into limp mode. Today, Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM explains what causes this uncommon car problem, whether you can drive safely to a repair center, and the importance of timely MOPAR® service.

What Is Limp Mode?

Like the check engine light, limp mode activates because internal diagnostics have detected a problem under the hood. Your car automatically reduces performance to prevent the fault from worsening but still gives you enough engine output to get home safely. The name indicates how far you should drive in this mode: just enough to “limp home.”

What Activates Limp Mode?

Car problems will always be anxiety-inducing, but knowing the issue’s severity is impossible until you visit an authorized service center. The issue may be malfunctioning or defective parts in the engine, transmission, or elsewhere in the car’s powertrain. However, it can also signal an issue with one of your car’s many sensors, which may be defective or send incorrect messages. No matter the reason, it means it’s time to come in for diagnostics and appropriate repairs.

How Can I Turn Off Limp Mode?

If you live near our Las Vegas MOPAR service center, you may be able to bring your car in for service safely. However, if you live (or are stuck) farther away, consider getting a tow truck instead. Driving in limp mode may aggravate the issue and lead to a more extensive and expensive problem, so you should never try to bypass it.

Get MOPAR Service at Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM

If your car has entered limp mode, it’s imperative to come in for MOPAR service as soon as possible. Come to Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM for a complete check-up to fix the underlying issue and get back on track in no time!

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