RAM Trucks Towing FAQ

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RAM 1500 Classic Towing

Shopping for RAM trucks means knowing what each model is capable of, including its towing capacity. Each RAM model is rated with a different maximum towing power, with numerous additional features altering what you can bring. Courtesy of Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, here’s a RAM truck towing FAQ to help you learn more about this towing task.

How Much Can My Truck Tow?

Every RAM truck has a different towing capacity. Depending on your model and trim, each one has a specific GCWR or Gross Combined Weight Rating (what the truck is rated to tow and carry in addition to its cub weight). Check your owner’s manual to determine how much your particular truck and trim can handle, and do not exceed it.

How Is Towing Capability Determined?

A simple formula determines the weight your vehicle can tow: Gross Combined Weight Rating minus the vehicle’s curb weight and any payload you currently have. The payload can be flexible, so consider this when hooking up a trailer.

Does the Engine Change My Towing Power?

Yes. Your engine will partially determine towing capacity, with factors like horsepower, torque, and fuel consumption also affecting it.

Which Is Better for Towing: Light-Duty or Heavy-Duty?

Light-duty trucks, including the RAM 1500, are built for smaller trailers, usually up to around 12,000 lbs. If you need even more power or are looking for job-ready towing vehicles, a heavy-duty truck is what you need.

How Does Drivetrain Affect Towing?

RAM trucks have two major drivetrain styles: 4×2 and 4×4 systems. The former allows for higher towing capacity, while the latter gives you more control and stability.

Explore RAM Trucks and Towing in Las Vegas, NV

If towing is a priority, ask your RAM dealer about capacities and capabilities before you test-drive a model or trim; we’ll match you to the best fit for your needs. Contact Prestige Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM to learn more about towing with our RAM vehicle lineup!

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